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Getting Your Money Part 2: PayManila

By Mommy Mentor On September 6, 2012 No Comments

We have previously discussed about getting your money through Paypal for those who work online. In this article we are going to give you another option on how to get hold of your cash from Paypal without waiting for at least 2 days.

There is a third party service provider that we’ve been transacting business with since 2007 that gives real time transfer of our money from Paypal to our local bank account. This third party service provider is

The fee is a little bit higher though but you have numerous options on how you would like to get hold of your money. But if you want real time transfer of your funds, then that extra fee is worth it. You can have them transfer your funds not only to your bank account but also

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Getting Your Money Part 1: Paypal

By Mommy Mentor On August 23, 2012 3 Comments

One of the questions being asked by those who have absolutely no idea about working online is “How will I get hold of my money when I work online?”.

We will present in a series of articles the different ways on how you can get your money.

The most common way is via Paypal. Paypal is like your virtual bank where you can get paid by your clients and also what you can use to pay for online transactions. The good thing about this is you do not have to give your financial information to clients. All you need to do is give them your Paypal account (which is the counterpart of an offline bank account) which is just an email address you used in opening up an account with Paypal.

Let’s say you already

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Pinay Work At Home Moms: Redux

By Mommy Mentor On August 15, 2012 No Comments

It has been a year since the last post in this site.

We know, this is not something we are proud of. We do not want to make any excuses. We should have written more but didn’t. Anyway, we do hope to change that starting today.

I already made a list of the things need to be posted here. However, suggestions and or recommendations are appreciated. Let us know what topics about working from home you would like us to write about. Even if there is already an initial list, it does not mean that we cannot accommodate suggestions especially if they would benefit more readers.

Now, what can you expect from the “resurrected” Pinay Work At Home Moms? We plan to post not just articles, but videos as well. There will also be some How-Tos and recommended sites that can help both the beginners

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Why Internet Marketers Love Outsourcing to the Philippines

By Mommy Mentor On August 15, 2011 No Comments

I have read about a lot of raving reviews from people of different nationalities about outsourcing to the Philippines. You can Google it and I know you can get a clear picture that they generally love dealing with “Phillipinos”.

The first advantage that we, Filipinos, have is that we can generally communicate well in the American English language. Others may ask me, “Is there any other type of English aside from those spoken by Americans?”. Yes, there are those used by the British, Australians, etc. What makes it any different? Filipinos are more familiar with the spelling, grammar, usage, etc. of the English language of those in the U.S. And although the quality of proficiency in the English language has deteriorated through the years, Filipinos are still better .

Pinoys are generally hardworking people. Since work at home jobs are appealing especially to stay at

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Work At Home: Just A Dream?

By Mythical Mommy On July 25, 2011 4 Comments

Is it just a dream to work at home, to have time for your family?Think again. We are in a new age where computers are more affordable and so is the internet access. We definitely have more opportunities now compared to 20 years ago. We can have the the option to either work online or offline. 

We have previously posted sites that can give you work from home ideas.Filipinos can definitely work from home by getting a job.

However, there is another option – home based business.  

There are a lot of successful businesses that started from home. One of the perks of a homebased enterprise is you don’t need to put up additional

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