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Contentment At Work for Stay At Home Moms

By Mythical Mommy On March 5, 2010 Under work at home intro

Being a mother is indeed a gift from God. Not all women have that privilege to conceive and bear a child. But being a mother doesn’t stop after giving birth. Having a baby is just the start of a bigger responsibility. After some time, there will be that struggle to go back to work and feel guilty in leaving your baby to someone else’s care. This is always a difficult time for any mother. We know in our minds that we have to go back to work especially now that we have a baby to support. And in our hearts we have that resentment because we can’t leave our baby.

This is the same reason why we now find a lot of moms working at home, moms looking for work from home jobs, setting up home based businesses and endlessly looking for home business opportunities. Thanks to technology, we now have two options: it’s either we do it online or offline.
Studies show that stay at home moms, with at home jobs are less stressed compared to moms in the corporate world (plus they have happier and healthier husbands). Add to that the fact that moms who work at home are compensated not with stacks of dollar bills but are paid with lots of hugs and kisses from the family. I’m sure no amount of money can replace that especially for mothers who had to endure a lot to give birth to a happy and healthy baby.
Home based business or work from home jobs can help you be relieved from outside stress that you can encounter from your job. And because of these you then become a mellow mom. What’s the reward? You ecome a more loving, understanding and caring mom.
As moms get the hang of work for stay at home moms, they soon realize that there really can be money from home, and a smile from our kids can really give us that peace and contentment.

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