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Stay at Home Moms: Managers or CEOs?

By wacky mommy On March 17, 2010 Under work at home intro

Well, we all play different roles at one time or another, but mothers play at least 2 or 3 roles at the same time. So, my answer to that question is both…yes, stay at home moms nowadays are multi-taskers. In fact I think multi-tasking started with the moms.

The stay at home moms are managers because they are in charge of the household. They take charge of the children’s needs and wants; they oversee the cooking, cleaning of the house, laundry and other chores around the home. At the same time, they are CEOs, (yes, the stay at home moms have evolved!) because now, they also run businesses from home. All they need is a computer, a reliable internet connection and a few hours daily, and voila, extra income is generated without having to put off their management responsibilities.

And the great thing about this is, they don’t just earn a few dollars, they earn big bucks doing part time internet work! isn’t that cool? Gone are the days when wives depend on their husbands for money. In reality, more and more women make more money than their spouses. Of course, we moms are not diminishing our spouses’ roles in the home. In fact, many dads today share the responsibilities of taking care of household chores. But seriously, making big income from home doesn’t apply to stay at home moms only. Anyone can do the same, the tools required are a couple of hours daily, a computer and the internet. With these, a worldwide market is opened and various options are up for the taking. And this is really good news especially with the current financial crisis the world is going through. As a matter of fact, the stay at home mom working together with her spouse on an internet business seems a very good and timely idea!

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