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Homebased Business or Work at Home Job?

By Mommy Mentor On May 4, 2010 Under homebased business, work at home job

A person who would like to start earning from home is faced with the dilemma: to start a home based business  or look for a work at home job opportunity.

Starting a home based business has its own risks. Since it is a business, you need to be ready to fork out money as capitalization. The good thing though about starting your business from home is you get to save on some expenses. Moreso if you decide to have an online business since the capital needed for this endeavor is really a fraction compared to starting an offline business.

Work at home job opportunities are more interesting for those who do not want to spend money. The key here though is to know where to look for legitimate opportunities. There are lots of online job boards that offer opportunities for the right candidates. When searching for jobs that you can do at home, you need to first assess how many hours can you devote for your work and the skills you can offer.

However, when working from home, I do not really believe that there is a separation between business and job. When you decide to earn and be home based, you are basically a freelancer and as such, you are in the business of offering your services to others. You may not have any out of pocket costs BUT you should still treat it as a business. Time is your capital instead of money.

So, if they are really under one “category”, then how are you going to decide what best suits you?

Have an honest assessment of your skills, passion, time and priorities.

I am often asked by those who are interested to work at home how much can they earn. It is not basically how much you CAN earn but rather how much would you LIKE to earn. You need to set your income goal and work towards it.

Actually the key to success of earning at home is to have multiple sources of income. This means you may need to combine a little of both in order to realize your monthly income goal.

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