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Often Asked Work At Home Questions

By Mommy Mentor On May 25, 2010 Under getting started, work at home job

I often get a barrage of queries on how to start earning online; most of them, however, are about getting online jobs. The top 3 questions I get are: 1) How much can you earn? 2) Where to find jobs online? 3) How to get started.

How much can one earn from working at home?

It depends on a lot of factors like your skills, time availability (or how much time you are willing to devote on the job), willingness to learn, and your asking price per hour or project.  The sad reality of working from home and being a freelancer is, unless someone hires you on a long term basis, it is often feast or famine. You basically determine your pay check.

For example: You are a writer. Your income goal is US$240/month and you can only work part time (around 20 hours/wk or 80 hrs/month).  This means you need to earn $3/hr to reach your income goal. If you charge $1 for every 250-word article, then you have to finish 3 articles per hour. If an employer is only willing to give you half, then you need to find additional projects from other employers or raise the amount you charge per article.

Where to find jobs online?

There are a lot of sites that advertise work at home or homebased jobs. A word of caution though, if the company will ask money from you as “training fee”, then they are not legit companies and are just out to get your money. Don’t be fooled.

The reliable job sites I know are,, and Just recently though, a well know internet marketer named John Reese recommended the site to his list for those interested to outsource tasks to the Philippines. John Reese also mentioned craigslist. However, I personally recommend that you do your due diligence when applying for jobs on craigslist as this is also a fave site for scammers.

How do I get started?

I am going to discuss this in detail in another post/article.

There are 3 important steps that any online jobseeker (especially the newbies) should do before applying for any job.

1. Create a separate email add for all your online job transactions. This is to ensure that your personal and job related emails are in their proper order. You can open an account in any free email provider. I prefer Gmail though because most spam mails are placed in the proper folder and seldom trickle to your inbox.

2.  Create an account in a reliable online payment processor such as Paypal

3.  Have a portfolio of your best works. Most potential employers will either ask for a sample of your work or immediately subject you to a paid training. Either way, it is best that you already have 3-5 samples stored that you can send when needed.

Working from home is no walk in the park but it is a viable option especially for stay at home moms.

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  9. Nana Lorenzana
    July 3, 2011
    11:44 am #comment-9

    I’ve been wanting to do this and didn’t know where or how to start. So last week I attended Jomar Hilario’s seminar on how to become a VA. Now I feel inadequate because he told us we have to study (master) 10 programs and create power point tutorials for each one. Is it is really that difficult?

  10. Mommy Mentor
    July 3, 2011
    5:00 pm #comment-10

    I’ve met Jomar Hilario and the guy seems to be one who genuinely wants to help fellow Pinoys. However, I am not familiar with the contents of his seminar on how to become a VA so I don’t know what are the 10 programs you have to master and the power point tutorials.

    VA work is really not that difficult. A VA is the online equivalent of a Secretary or Executive Assistant – a Jill of all trades – so you need to know a little of everything there is to know about online business. It would be best though for you to concentrate on just 1 particular skill at a time (writing, SEO, SEM, etc) and get a job that involves that particular skill. Then when you apply for a VA job, you can highlight that (Ex. I’ve worked as a Freelance Web Content Writer but I am also willing to be trained in other areas as your Virtual Assistant). Just be honest with your employer on what skills you do have and what are those that you need training. They’ll appreciate that.

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