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Payment Guaranteed at

By Mommy Mentor On July 20, 2011 Under tips, work at home job

One of the biggest fears of those who want to try working online is if there is a guarantee that they won’t be scammed, that they will be paid for all the work done. This understandable since there indeed are lots of employers out there who are do nothing but scam the people they hired. understands this and has place within it’s system a way to guarantee payment.

Now how does the oDesk system work? When you create an account,¬† you’ll be asked to download an application that will be like your virtual office. One of the features it has is the Time Tracker that serves as your virtual office¬† bundy clock. This keeps track of the time spent doing the assigned work and guarantees payment. The oDesk Team Application is used by their hourly freelancers although those who get fixed rate or per project work is also encouraged to use it.

Now how will this application guarantee payment? Well, every time you log in and out they are recorded in a Work Diary that will automatically bill the client with the exact number of hours and minutes of work rendered. It takes random screenshots of your monitor 6 times an hour. Employers like this because they really know that they are not being duped by their contractors by padding time rendered on the job. That’s why you need to log out when you need to do stuff not work related or you’ll be caught and log back in when work commences.

For those who are discouraged just by the thought of downloading an application, don’t be. It is for your own protection too.

But if this really gives you the jitters, then don’t apply for jobs with hourly payment and opt for those that are fixed rate. However, oDesk’s payment guarantee only covers those paid by the hour.

It is easy to apply for work at home jobs at oDesk because everything is so organized. When you click on the “find work” button, you’ll see all the jobs neatly categorized.

With this in place, there really isn’t much argument needed to finally make that important decision to give working from home a try.

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