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Why I Like Part 2

By Mommy Mentor On July 16, 2011 Under, tips, work at home job

I’ve enumerated in a previous post 4 reasons why I like There is another thing that I like in this site that I have not seen in the other job boards – a video message from the site owner.

In this video message, John Jonas mentioned 5 things that are expected from applicants of The message though should be a universal dos and don’ts for all homebased Filipino workers. I’m tweaking it a bit though to make the message applicable to all. Banner 468x60
1. Do a good job.

Online work is no different from any other job. The only difference is that there is no boss or supervisor hovering around you. You are, in a way, on your own. You are expected to think for yourself and turn in a good work.

2. Loyalty

Even if you are oceans apart from your employer, it is still a good thing to maintain a sense of loyalty. There are times that you will be given certain info that needs to be kept private, so keep it to yourself.

It is also best to take in one job or project at a time to maintain your focus. Some work at home moms get 2 part time jobs from 2 different employers. This for me is okay IF you can manage your time properly and block off time for one employer at a time.

3. Knowledge and skills development

In order to be more competitive and to get higher pay, one need not be complacent with his or her current knowledge and skills. Learn more. And don’t afraid to ask your employers about further training. They will appreciate your initiative.

4. Disappearing Act

Pinoys are generally shy and non-confrontational. They’d rather “disappear” than be made to answer to a job not well done or a task not submitted on time. This is very easy to do online – turn off Skype, not answering emails, etc.

This is one trait that Westerners cannot really understand.

In a traditional offline job, you can’t just resign and not show up when you don’t know how to do a task. You ask how it can be done. When you did something wrong, you own up to your mistakes and suffer the consequences. It’s the same in the online world.

5. Communication

Trust is a big thing when working online. The employer trusts you to do the tasks assigned to you and you in turn must trust them them that they will not dupe you or not pay you for the job done.

The key here is communication.

If you cannot make it on the deadline given, email them and let them know that you are still working on the project. Communicate with them via chat or Skype if there are points that need some clarification or you get stuck and don’t know what to do or how to do it. Believe me they will appreciate this a lot. It also pays to be honest.

Remember these if you are considering to work at home. If these are done right, you are in for a long working relationship with your client. This means a steadier income while working from home.



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  1. Laurie
    August 25, 2012
    11:41 am #comment-1

    Hello, I would like to subscribe for this webpage to get hottest updates, thus where can i do it please assist.

  2. Mommy Mentor
    September 7, 2012
    12:41 am #comment-2

    Hi Laurie,

    To get the latest updates, you can subscribe to our site by filling out the subscription form located at the upper right hand corner of our site. You can either subscribe via email or through RSS feed.

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