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Work At Home: Just A Dream?

By Mythical Mommy On July 25, 2011 Under homebased business

Is it just a dream to work at home, to have time for your family?Think again. We are in a new age where computers are more affordable and so is the internet access. We definitely have more opportunities now compared to 20 years ago. We can have the the option to either work online or offline. 

We have previously posted sites that can give you work from home ideas.Filipinos can definitely work from home by getting a job.

However, there is another option – home based business.  

There are a lot of successful businesses that started from home. One of the perks of a homebased enterprise is you don’t need to put up additional capital for the rent. 

My sister started her medical supplies business from home. Her son followed her footsteps and put up his own home based medical supplies business. They used an extra space in their house and converted it into a small office. Now that the business is getting bigger, they have to move out and rent another place to accommodate the bigger demands and orders. You can just imagine how much money they were able to save for working at home when they were just starting out.

My brother and my sister in law, on the other hand, just started a trading company (another work from idea?). Since internet is available, they can easily access different companies and they could advertise for free in different business sites. When somebody emails or calls them for orders, they can easily check and research if it is a legitimate company so as to avoid being scammed.

The beauty of this set up is that my sister in law is now officially a work from home mom. In between her cooking, she calls up suppliers and clients. Request for a call is just a text away. She attends to their business and at the same time does her household chores like cooking, doing the laundry and a lot more.  Now that’s multi tasking!!  This and more can be done simultaneously by work at home moms … a new breed of women … the women of the 21st century.

Another work at home idea that I am actually doing is, internet marketing.

I have a friend who owns a travel agency.  I send emails to friends and I post on my wall in Facebook her latest promos. I let friends and relatives know that I’m connected with a travel agency and if they have vacation plans, they can contact me for suggestions and rates. “Special rates” are very much appreciated, meaning they are given discounts because they were referred by me.  All the selling and convincing are done by the travel agency, that’s not part of my job anymore. A little push with the convincing part can be a big help though. My friend in turn gives me a certain percentage for my referrals. By the way, that friend of mine started her traveling agency at home, but now she had to rent a place to accommodate her growing clients.

Those are some of the work from home ideas that a stay at home mom can do to earn money. Ideas are endless, but I suggest that a work at home mom should also find her niche, something that interests her. Always do keep in mind that to be successful, one should also do something that makes her happy so as to have focus and not be easily bored. Money would surely come like a bonus!!

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  1. Mary
    September 17, 2012
    4:40 pm #comment-1

    Hello there. I realized that even if I work 7-8 hours a day outside, then come home, you’re already tired but working still. And the result is really disappointing … less quality time with the family, rushed up cooking or fast food dinner on the table and an untidy home. I’ve always been interested in these work from home ads but I never really got to find a legit one and I also get discouragements. However, getting laid-off again really made me want to try this more. Then I came accross your blog and my hopes went up. I would like to start low key at first with what I know I am capable to render and that’s data entry. Can you suggest legit sites I can go to and start with? Also, would they be asking for personal info as I am uncomfortable giving this out to anyone I do not know yet cannot even see. Thanks!

  2. Mommy Mentor
    September 19, 2012
    6:04 pm #comment-2

    Hi Mary,

    The rule of thumb when looking for legit jobs online is that you do not pay anything to get the project/work.

    Like any job or work though, you will be asked to give some personal info. You can give them your email address (create a new one specifically for all your online job transactions and communications), Paypal account (for your client to be able to pay you), and your Skype name (so that the potential client/employer will be able to get in touch with you other than through your email). Your exact home address, financial details, and other personal info are not necessary.

    Data entry work does not pay much but if that’s the kind of work you want to do, go to jobsites such as

    A tip when searching for data entry jobs on oDesk: Look for gigs that are paid Hourly instead of Fixed Rate. Make sure that the Client is Verified (with stars and some green color in the $ box). This is because oDesk guarantees payment of projects paid on an Hourly basis (using their oDesk Team application) and contracted by verified clients.

  3. jean
    December 12, 2012
    1:57 am #comment-3


    I have been working online myself for the past two years and I can say it has its ups and downs. Maybe because I am doing it as a partime, at nights, after my 8 hours work day job. Now, I am a little bit fearful as my yaya has resigned and I think I got to really be a fulltime mom with my two kids and try to work online too.

    I really don’t think that working at home means more time for the kids, tidier home and the things that we imagine it should be. I do this full time online work during summers and it’s as if I am still working in a company. Or maybe,I just don’t know how to be a mom given that I have a yaya ever since.

    I just hope to connect with other homebased moms out there who are quite successful in managing a home full time while working online.


  4. Mommy Mentor
    March 9, 2013
    10:08 am #comment-4

    Hi Jean,

    Working from home AND having more time for the kids (plus tidier homes) can really go hand in hand. There will be some adjustments and changes though regarding scheduling and in doing things differently than what we’re used to.

    Involving your kids in doing the household chores will not only get things done but will also be great bonding moments for you and your kids.

    Hire a cleaning lady who can do the real, thorough household cleaning once a week so you can just so some mild cleaning up daily.

    You can also do some chunking when it comes to doing work online. Do them when the kids are asleep or during the times when they are too preoccupied with other stuff so they will not bother you. Get task based projects rather than time based ones.

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