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Why Internet Marketers Love Outsourcing to the Philippines

By Mommy Mentor On August 15, 2011 Under Outsourcing to the Philippines, Uncategorized, work at home job

I have read about a lot of raving reviews from people of different nationalities about outsourcing to the Philippines. You can Google it and I know you can get a clear picture that they generally love dealing with “Phillipinos”.

The first advantage that we, Filipinos, have is that we can generally communicate well in the American English language. Others may ask me, “Is there any other type of English aside from those spoken by Americans?”. Yes, there are those used by the British, Australians, etc. What makes it any different? Filipinos are more familiar with the spelling, grammar, usage, etc. of the English language of those in the U.S. And although the quality of proficiency in the English language has deteriorated through the years, Filipinos are still better .

Pinoys are generally hardworking people. Since work at home jobs are appealing especially to stay at home moms, it is really not that surprising. A homebased worker who over delivers does so mostly because they need to give a good impression to their employers so that they can be hired long term. The economy is not as robust as the government wants us to believe, then having a source of income without additional expenses such as food and transportation does wonders.

Filipinos are not complainers as long as they are paid according to what was agreed upon then they will be willing to work for the same employer for a long time. If given bonuses and paid leaves, then that will be better.

Westerners also love the loyalty extended to them by their workers. They also find being called Sir or Ma’am quite amusing and speaks well about the culture of respect being attributed to employers.

As businessmen and women, Internet Marketers know that they get value for their money when hiring Filipinos. Sure they may find Westerners who can get the job done but they get to be paid way more. For one who’s just starting out in the business, outsourcing to the Philippines is a better alternative.

We’re not being bias and making sweeping generalization here saying that there are no bad Pinoy employees. Like any other worker from any other nationality, there are also the so called rotten eggs.

It is just that when Internet marketers keep on recommending Filipinos for the qualities mentioned above, then we clearly have an edge over our competitors.


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