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Getting Your Money Part 2: PayManila

By Mommy Mentor On September 6, 2012 Under Getting Paid, PayManila, Paypal, tips

We have previously discussed about getting your money through Paypal for those who work online. In this article we are going to give you another option on how to get hold of your cash from Paypal without waiting for at least 2 days.

There is a third party service provider that we’ve been transacting business with since 2007 that gives real time transfer of our money from Paypal to our local bank account. This third party service provider is

The fee is a little bit higher though but you have numerous options on how you would like to get hold of your money. But if you want real time transfer of your funds, then that extra fee is worth it. You can have them transfer your funds not only to your bank account but also to your Unionbank Eon Card, SmartMoney or GCash and any other payment processor (Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Payza, etc).

Their service is fast and super efficient. Everything is done online so it doesn’t really matter where you are. You can even pay your utility bills or buy cellphone load using your Paypal funds. Just check out their website as to what other services they have to offer.

Aside from providing efficient service, what’s good about PayManila is they keep on finding ways on how to better serve their clients. They are very accommodating and you can even chat with them if you have questions or things that you need to clarify. Since security and transparency is important in a business such as theirs, they keep up with the times and provide innovative ways on how to do this and still provide quality service to their loyal clientele.

It is important that you follow their verification process before you can transact business with them. Just like in Paypal, since everything is basically a faceless transaction, they need to know that they are dealing with a real person so you need to send them proof.

Here are the steps on how to transact business with for the first time;

1)  Verification – there are actually 3 steps involved here. First you need to register in their site. Next, read on the verification process, fill out the information needed, then  send the required documents. The last step is to ask them to add you in the Verified members Facebook group.

2) Check out their calendar – this is done to familiarize yourself with their business days and time. Knowing this information before sending your request will let you know if they are online and ready to do business or if they are offline.

3) Paybill Request form – you need to fill out and submit to them the request form

4)  Post on FB page – for transparency and for the protection of both you and PayManila, they request that you post in the group page the date of your transaction and your type of request (Ex. PP to BDO). Some people are comfortable in posting the amount of their transaction, but personally, the former two would suffice. PayManila will post there the transaction number so it will be easier for you to trace back information should you need it.

Only the verification process takes time but once you are already a verified member, everything is done fast and efficient.

What if I don’t have a Paypal account or if my client does not want to pay via Paypal, how will I get my money? There are other ways and this will be answered in the next article of this series.

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