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Pinay Work at Home Moms was created by 3 moms, sharing the same belief that it is possible to take care of your family and earn a living.

Noemi Cariaso-Mora is Mommy Mentor. She is a stay at home mom, homeschooling her 3 kids. She was given the monicker Mommy Mentor because among the three, she has the most experience in terms of earning online.


Cindy Pangilinan-Calica is Mythical Mommy. Cindy is also a stay at home mom with  an offline business. She devotes her time on her business and in taking care of her only child, Trisha. What is admirable about this mom is that she is hemiparetic – there is partial paralysis on one side of her body – and still maintains a positive outlook in life.

Wini Azardon-Caboboy is  Wacky Mommy. Wini holds a regular offline job. She is also a fitness instructor specializing in teaching Body Jam and Body Vive.


These three moms would like to help others work from home by providing proper information on how to get started in this business and what to avoid.